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Website Reclamation and Maintenance

There are an awful lot of websites out there that were developed a few years ago and, for a variety of reasons, haven't been updated since. If your site is one of them, now you have an affordable option!

Maybe your site was developed when your company was young and you just haven't gotten around to updating it. Maybe the person responsible for your website doesn't work there any more or doesn't have time for it any more. Maybe you've decided you need a website overhaul but discovered that it isn't in your budget.

The truth is, repairing, streamlining, and updating a website can be a grueling, time-consuming, and downright mind-numbing process. That's why most outfits will charge very nearly as much for that as developing a new site from scratch. Myself, I'm just weird enough to enjoy that kind of challenge. Plus, I know that when I prove to you what I can do, you'll come back to me for all of your website needs.

Let me bring your site into the 21st century and turn it into the powerful, dynamic marketing tool that you always knew it could be! My Economy Website Reclamation service can include some or all of the following as needed:

  • Update and optimize existing graphics
  • Reformat content and graphics to allow page to re-flow to fit any browser window ("liquid" page design)
  • Address cross-browser compatibility issues
  • De-frame the site—frames always seem like a good idea at the time but the truth is, there are very few applications where the benefits outweigh the disadvantages
  • Proofread and correct for both spelling and grammar
  • Trim redundant and unnecessary HTML code
  • Add recommended copyright notices and privacy statements
  • Add contact forms, guestbook pages, email list managers, what's new sections, surveys, help systems, search functions, counters or other interactive elements to encourage repeat visits
  • Install content management features to allow non-programmers to manage your site's content
  • Add META tags and optimize content for search engine placement
  • Implement style sheets (CSS) to improve site-wide consistency, streamline pages, and make updates and changes easier
  • Implement "include" technology (SSI, ASP, PHP, etc.) to centralize your graphical interface(s) in one place and make future updates or redesigns much easier
  • Integrate your on- and off-line data stores
And all for a very low, one-time charge! I will perform a thorough overhaul on virtually any existing website for less than $1000. Most projects will be less than $500! And here's the best part, I'm located in Denver, Colorado! That means I'm no more than a couple of time zones away from you and my business hours are pretty much the same as yours.

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