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DuckBytes Website Design

I believe that the three most important things in website design are usefulness, speed, and functionality. Oh, and it should look good too. But seriously, there's nothing more pointless than a beautiful, artistically designed website that doesn't work. My expertise is in creating websites that function correctly, display properly on everybody's computer, and provide rich, useful information. And I know enough about design to create an interface that presents a competent and professional image to the public.

If you want a clean and tasteful website that's rich in user-friendly features and functions well on all systems, let's talk! But wait, don't go away because you also want a website that is beautiful and artistically designed. I work closely with two of the finest graphic designers and artists in the country, Joe Jones of Art Works Studio, and Jeannette Stutzman of Acme Graphic Design. Between us we have developed some very beautiful and very functional websites.

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