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What is an Online Website Management System (OWMS) and why do I need one?
The one challenge facing every business today, from small startups to the giant conglomerates, is maintaining a dynamic and up-to-date website. The web is probably the single greatest advancement in marketing since the dawn of man, but keeping a website current and promoting your latest products and services, is a surprisingly time-consuming and costly chore.

An Online Website Management System allows you to update content on your website without technical skills or costly software and expertise. With an OWM system from DuckBytes, you can maintain virtually every aspect of your website, from global color schemes down to the sort order of your links page, through a web-based interface that you can access from anywhere through your favorite browser.

What can DuckBytes OWMS do for me?
To get the most from today's Internet marketing technologies and take full advantage of this wonderful new media, your website must be updated regularly to reflect current products, services, pricing, etc. as well as keeping abreast of changing conditions, trends and styles. A website that is seen as static and un-changing will rapidly decline—not just stay the same—in usefulness to both you and your customers.

OWMS will make it easy, fast, and cost-effective to update your site on a frequent and timely basis. You can update the look and feel of your website, add and revise your product and service offerings, manage membership and newsletter subscriptions, maintain calendars and "what's new" pages, adjust your search engine optimization strategies... the possibilities are truly endless!

What, exactly, is OWMS?
Okay, I'll go on a bit about the features and benefits down below, but let's get to the specifics: OWMS is an integrated set of website content management tools designed to meet your unique needs and adapt as those needs change.

  • Custom designed for you! This isn't one of those pre-packaged, "universal" (read generic) systems that come this close to being right for you. We will work together to identify your specific needs and develop an OWM System that perfectly matches your goals, resources and budget!
  • Since it's completely customized, it's completely customizable! No more waiting until next year for a software upgrade and hoping for the features you asked for. Just drop me a line, I'll make it happen. I developed this system for maximum flexibility, and any new feature you ask for will probably have applications elsewhere, so your development costs are minimized.
  • Can be integrated into an existing website. The only requirement is PHP support on the server where your site is hosted. Of course, if you purchase my custom e-commerce system or website reclamation service, the OWMS installation costs go way down!
  • Developed using PHP, JavaScript, and HTML to maximize portability and eliminate browser compatibility issues.
  • Utilizes secured, flat-text database files to eliminate the cost and portability issues of third-party database software. On the other hand, if the speed and query definition benefits of MySQL or another db package more closely meet your needs, we'll do it that way! Did I mention that it was custom?
  • Entirely text- and HTML-based admin interface. It's lean and fast because you don't need pretty graphics and snazzy buttons, you need to get your work done and get on with more important things.

What types of content can OWMS control?
Anything that changes frequently. The overall design and structure of your website will remain constant so that it stays familiar and recognizable, but anything within that framework, including color schemes and even graphical elements of that overall design, can be set up to allow for frequent and timely updates. Here's a few examples:

  • Link lists, client lists, price lists, you-name-it lists... If the word list is in it, it's ripe with potential benefits.
  • "What's New" sections, upcoming events, historical or sheduling calendars
  • Portfolio or gallery pages and sections
  • Department news and updates pages
  • Journals, "blogs", and daily editorial content
  • Quote of the day, photo of the month, and other rotating site content
  • Contact information
  • Email lists, newsletter subscriptions, surveys, membership directories
  • this list could go on for a long time, suffice to say: If you need to be able to update it, OWMS can make it easy!

What does it cost?
That, of course, depends on what and how much you need for your website, but in ballpark figures, it usually averages out to around $200 per module. What do you think? How long would it take to save $200 of your time updating a page or section of your site? For most businesses, it's a matter of weeks! And because OWMS is entirely modular and built for maximum flexibility, the more features you add, the more cost-effective it becomes. That goes for additional modules and capabilities you may decide to add in the future as well!

And if you'd like to see how seamlessly it integrates with an operating website, feel free to visit the following sites. In fact, this list itself, being something that changes frequently on my site, is managed through the OWMS system!

  • Front Range Airport - Almost 80% of the content of this dynamic, information-rich and extensive website is updated by the Airport Operations Manager and her OWMS System.
  • Airmail Greetings - This is a DuckBytes E-Commerce Solution integrated with several modules of the OWMS System to form a comprehensive website management system.
  • Colorado Freedom Memorial - This is a perfect example of an organization with both a clear need for a constantly growing and evolving website, and an almost complete lack of time and resources to devote to that purpose. It also points out that even if you're going to out-source the regular updates and maintenance of your website (I do that on a volunteer basis for the CFM), OWMS is still a cost effective solution that will pay dividends for the life of your site.
  • EnviroGroup Ltd. - Providing current and comprehensive informational resources in a competitive and rapidly changing industry, is a major component of EnviroGroup's business plan. The OWMS System makes it possible.

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