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About DuckBytes

My name is Bruce Quackenbush and I've been creating software tools since 1990. I have extensive experience with many computer languages including ASP/VBScript, Java, JavaScript, Perl, Visual Basic, C++, HTML, XML, SQL, PHP, Cold Fusion and more... but what I really do is create tools that make you more productive.

I've got a large (and growing) collection of pre-developed and customizable web scripts and applications that will fill many of your needs as is. For all other requirements, I will work closely with you to define the problem and develop an effective and efficient solution that will meet your needs now and into the future.

Design Philosophy

I believe that web-based and desktop applications should first be both useful and useable, secondly they should work really well under a variety of conditions, and third, they should look good. The web presents a unique challenge. Although it incorporates many elements of both printed and "live" media, and much of what we learned in those media can be applied, the web must be approached as a completely new medium with a whole different set of rules and design criteria.

This website has been built to address these new issues in this exciting new medium. It has been designed to load fast and present information correctly in any browser as well as allowing for maximum flexibility in the changing, adding, and deleting of content.

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